Brains-Inspired Halloween Costumes!

Need some help with a Halloween costume idea? How about dressing up like one of our characters?? We’ll help.

Alison Sumner

Red plaid, a black dress or skirt, and combat boots is classic Alison. Throw on a pair of leggings or tights, maybe add a prop machete, and you’re good to go!

Damian Phillips

If Dom is not wearing his classic black teeshirt, camo pants, and combat boots, something is up. Pair this outfit with a baseball bat and zombies better look out.

Carl Markham

The key with Carl is how low-key he is: earth tones (usually green and blue and brown), graphic tees, and relaxed pants. If you happen to have a Kiss-The-Chef Apron or some other cooking tools, it’ll absolutely complete the look.

Greta Hamilton

After wrapping the pictured gauze around one of your upper arms, bonus points if you paint some red to indicate the “wound” beneath. Greta is all business, same as Damian, but she was never a fan of camo. Her weapon of choice is a bent ski pole.

Professor Sherman

Professor Heather Sherman doesn’t go anywhere without her trusty white lab coat. Being in the apocalypse or on the run is no exception.